Designed to give you an unfair advantage

Imagine always being a step ahead of the entire real estate process.  In today’s market you have to be highly prepared and have the right support team in place or you will miss out on the best opportunities. 

“I feel like I’m always lost in the agent shuffle…”

Traditional agents are outgunned right from the start.  Literally serving 100s of clients, with yesterday’s technology, and their only financial incentive is to move houses  – whether it’s the right property or the right price for you.

  • RoostWise

    • Exclusive access to dedicated service team
    • Search listings from ALL sources (20% more)
    • Partner with top agent in your area (rigorously hand-picked based on years of success + terrific service)
    • Customizable mobile-app with easy tracking and dynamic “hot property” updates
    • Preferred mortgage lenders + closing cost discounts

  • Traditional Agent

    • Solo agent – focused on 100s of different clients
    • Restricted listings (local MLS only)
    • Contractually “locked in” to office agent, whether they perform or not
    • Fax machines, 9-5 phone support, and folders full of paper documents
    • Full commissions from multiple vendors